Board selects Oldham to lead cooperative

The Central Electric Board of Directors is calling on Edward Oldham as the co-op’s next Chief Executive Officer and General Manager. Oldham is taking the reins from Morris McClelion, who retired from the post after serving 16 years as the co-op’s leader. Oldham’s first official day as CEO and General Manager was July 6. McClelion will remain as a general advisor through Sept. 15 during the transition.

“Eddie is a perfect fit for this position due to his proven track record of leadership within the co-op and our community,” said McClelion. “For the past several years, Eddie has been a primary catalyst behind strengthening the co-op’s system and has been leadership-tested through storm restoration efforts following Hurricanes Matthew and Florence. The Board could not have selected a finer individual to guide this co-op into the future.”

Oldham has been with Central since 1999, first serving as a Field Engineer before later being promoted to Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Operations and Engineering. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from N.C. State University, and is a licensed professional engineer.

“I am very honored and humbled to have been selected by the Board as the new CEO and General Manager for this great organization,” said Oldham. “I look forward to building on the strong history of our co-op and working closely with the Board and our excellent group of employees to continue providing the outstanding service our members deserve.”