Recently, we have been publishing information regarding upcoming projects aimed at further improving reliability for Central Electric members. Reliable energy is essential to all of us, especially in today’s electronics-driven world. When we flip the switch, we expect power to be there when we need it.

One project in particular is being done in conjunction with our power supplier, Duke Energy Progress (DEP). The project involves DEP upgrading their transmission line running to our Manchester delivery point, which serves two of our primary substations in Harnett County. This project benefits the cooperative significantly, saving our members over $6 million in upgrade costs that would otherwise need to be expensed by the cooperative.

We have been coordinating closely with DEP since it will involve temporary downtime of two of our substations.  The first round of work took place Sunday, June 19, and the second round of work took place June 26. The final round of work will take place this weekend from approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday evening, Oct. 1, to 9 a.m Sunday morning, Oct. 2. Members in Harnett County may experience two short outages lasting aproximately one minute each, once in the evening and once in the morning, as loads are switched to avoid extended outages that might would otherwise occur. Due to the nature of working on the electric grid, these conditions must sometimes occur to continue providing reliable power into the future. We apologize for any inconvenience that may be experienced during these times. Rest assured, looking out for you and keeping your lights on are top priorities of your electric cooperative.

If you need to report a power outage, please visit Central Electric’s Outage Center. Outages can be reported 24-hours a day by calling 1-877-766-6769.