Other Services

Area Lighting:

For a low monthly charge you can feel a little more secure—and extend the amount of time you can devote to outdoor activities with a security light. A Central Electric representative can help determine the size you need.


Water Heater Maintenance Program:

With this maintenance program, Central Electric will have a licensed plumber repair your electric water heater for $1.00 a month – regardless of where you bought it or how old it is. The program covers heating elements, pop-off valve and thermostats on the water heater. It does not cover replacement of the entire unit. The service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to members who own their homes. All you need to do is call Central Electric to report your trouble.

to enroll in Water Heater Maintenance




Utility grade surge suppression is available for members who want a high quality power protection system. A meter base protector and premium plug-in protectors are available for purchase to protect sensitive electronics and motors. The meter base protector is installed behind the electric meter and serves to divert the largest portion of a surge safely into the ground before it can enter the home. The premium plug-in protector (more commonly known as a surge protector) protects sensitive electronics such as computers, TVs and other electronic devices. Professional installation is included and on-bill financing up to 12 months is available for qualified members. For more information or to purchase a surge supression device, contact the cooperative at 800-446-7752.


Residential Energy Audits:

Residential energy audits are available to assist homeowners in determining ways to use energy more wisely. Our energy advisor can be especially helpful if you suspect appliance problems. During the audit, the advisor meets with you to inspect your home and then makes recommendations based on your lifestyle. You may also click here for more information on calculating your energy use.


NC GreenPower:

Through statewide partnerships, Central Electric offers a renewable energy alternative called NC GreenPower. The program operates upon voluntary participation by members who elect to contribute at least $4 a month on their utility bill to help support a cleaner environment through electricity produced from renewable resources. None of the utilities participating in the NC GreenPower program keep these funds; all contributions are forwarded by the utilities directly to NC GreenPower for the purchase of renewable energy for the North Carolina electric grid. Contributions are tax-free and qualify as a tax-deductible contribution for income tax purposes.

Formed in 2003, NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit improving the quality of our state's environment through a program that connects consumers with green energy and carbon offset providers. Contributions to renewable energy and carbon offsets can be given to NC GreenPower through your utility bill as a separate line item.

Learn more about NC GreenPower at www.ncgreenpower.org