Videos about Central Electric

  •   Empowering our communities
    Central Electric gives back to our communities through education grants and scholarships that EMPOWER our teachers and students to succeed.
  •   Transmission Rebuild Project
    Central Electric recently wrapped up a major project that involved replacing over five miles of transmission line. Check out this video to see what the project entailed and how it will improve system reliability well into the future.
  •   Apply for a Touchstone Energy Sports Camp Scholarship!
    Learn basketball, team building and leadership skills from top coaches in our area
  •   The power of Co-op membership
    Central Electric is a proud Touchstone Energy partner
  •   Electric vehicle Q&A
    Have questions about electric vehicles? Check out this video produced by Advanced Energy to get answers to some commonly asked questions.
  •   Teachers, apply for a Bright Ideas grant!
    Bright Ideas recently celebrated 20 years. See how Bright Ideas is impacting our community.
  •   Beware of Scam Artists
    Watch Out for Scam Artists
  •   How CEMC Restores Power
    Learn how Central restores power in four simple steps!
  •   Water Heater Maintenance Program
    Are you signed up?
  •   NC Electric Cooperative Youth Tour
    The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour is a great experience!
  •   How many linemen does it take to change a pole?
    As many as it takes to maintain safe and reliable electricity!
  •   Generator Safety!!
    Know how to use a generator properly.
  •   CCCC Student Shares How Scholarship Impacted Her
    See how the CEMC College Scholarship makes a difference
  •   ORU Helps CORA Food Pantry
    See how our members are impacting Chatham County
  •   Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Lineman?
    Watch Harris Morrison Climb to the Top!
  •   Storm Preparedness
    Are You Storm Ready?
  •   ORU Makes A Difference
    ORU Helps People in Central NC
  •   What is an energy audit?
    Find out what to expect during an energy audit.
  •   Operation Round Up Benefits Community
    Here's a look at what Operation Round Up Is Doing at Other Cooperatives
  •   Operation Round Up In Action
    See ORU in Action
  •   ORU Makes A Difference
    ORU is making a huge difference in the lives of cooperative members across the country
  •   Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
    Want to know more about the history of Cooperatives. Watch this video!