Energy-Saving Services

Residential Energy Audits

Residential energy audits are available to assist homeowners in determining ways to use energy more wisely. Our energy advisor can be especially helpful if you suspect appliance problems. During the audit, the advisor meets with you to inspect your home and then makes recommendations based on your lifestyle. You may also click here for more information on calculating your energy use.



We offer a prepaid program for purchasing electricity before it’s used. Called “FlexPay,” it’s a cost-effective way to pay as you go. No deposit is required to begin, and no re-connection fees will be charged if your service is disconnected, you just buy electricity on an “as-needed” basis. People in the program typically monitor their energy use more wisely, use less electricity and lower their bills in the process.


All-Electric Rate

Central Electric offers a variety of rates to help meet customers' different needs. Contact Central Electric for additional information about which rate will work best to meet your needs.