Central Electric members also have an additional way to pay for their electricity through "FlexPay". This plan allows participating members to monitor their power use and buy electricity on an "as needed" basis. An initial payment of $100 gets the member's account established. This includes a $5 membership fee, a $30 service connection fee and $65 toward a FlexPay account. Contact the cooperative at (919) 774-4900 if you are intersted in setting up a FlexPay account.

if you are interested in FlexPay

*Note: if you have already contacted the co-op to connect a new service or convert to a FlexPay account, this link is not for the documents needed to set your account up. You will receive these documents by email and you will need to complete and return them before your account can be established.


What is FlexPay?
FlexPay is a program offered by Central Electric, which allows our members to monitor their energy use and buy electricity on an "as-need" basis. In other words, power is paid for before it is used.

What are the benefits of FlexPay?
Consumers who would like to avoid a required deposit to establish electrical service will enjoy immediate benefits with FlexPay because a deposit is not required.

How do I enroll in the FlexPay program?
To enroll in the FlexPay program, just call or come by Central Electric. If you are a new member, you'll be asked to complete a new membership application first, as this program is available solely to our members.

How does the program work after the initial payment?
Once an initial payment of $100.00 is received and applied to the account, the participating
member gains a $65.00 credit as long as there are no outstanding charges or fees on the account. It breaks down as follows:

$5.00 - Membership Fee
$30.00 - Connect Fee
$65.00 - Credit, pending a zero balance.

What payment options are available?
Central Electric offers several different convenient payment options. Payments can be made at our office during regular business hours, through our night/weekend drop box, by phone at 1-866-488-5011, through our website CEMCPower.com, or at a payment kiosk located at the Liberty Gas Station, 1360 NC 24/87, Cameron NC 28326.

What do I need to do if my contact info. changes?
Contact Central Electric or visit the customer service portal at CEMCPower.com to update your contact information. The FlexPay system needs up-to-date contact information in order to remind you when
your account balance is low.

If I don't like the FlexPay program, can I return to regular billing?
If at any time you decide you want out of the program, alert Central Electric. As long as your account is paid up to its most current reading, you'll be returned to your previous billing cycle. However in some cases a deposit may be required to reactivate your traditional billing account.

How can I track my electricity use and balance?
Central Electric makes it easy to monitor both electricity use and FlexPay balances through our website CEMCPower.com, or by calling 1-866-488-5011.

What happens if my power is disconnected?
On FlexPay, you will not be charged a reconnect fee. However in order to reconnect service, the account holder must establish a $20 credit balance plus any past due balance.

How are the disconnections done?
Disconnects are done via a remote service switch in the meter. This is done automatically and does not allow for extensions.

What if I’m an existing member who wants to be put on FlexPay?
Converting an existing account to FlexPay is easy. To switch, your account will need to be paid in full up to the most current reading. You will also need to establish a $65.00 credit balance. Any existing security deposit on your account that has not already been refunded can be used to convert to a FlexPay account. The deposit will first be applied to any current or past due balance up to the most current reading. Any remaining funds can then be used to establish the $65.00 credit.