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Capital Credits


Central Electric is a cooperative, owned by the people we serve. They are more than customers. Here at Central, we call them "members" or "member-owners."

One way ownership is reflected is through capital credits. These are members' share of what's left over after we have paid the costs of delivering power, and set aside appropriate funds for emergency situations and regular growth projects. When we are financially able to do so, these capital credits are distributed to members. That means the member-owners financially share in the successful operation of the cooperative. Capital credits are one of the tangible benefits of being served by a co-op.

Between 2009 and 2019, Central Electric has retired more than $12 million in capital credits for the service years of 1982 through 2000. In 2019, the co-op is giving back $1.2 million and members who received service from the cooperative during 1999 or 2000 will be receiving a capital credit retirement check. Retirement amounts greater than $25 will be issued a check, while all others will be applied as a bill credit.

Often, members who are entitled to capital credit distributions have moved and it is difficult to locate these individuals. If a capital credit check is returned to us or remains uncashed, we make every effort to locate the person entitled to the check.

Below is a listing of individuals who currently have an unclaimed capital credit check that Central Electric is holding. Please review the list of unclaimed capital credits and if you see your name or the names of family or friends, have them complete the form located at the bottom of the page.  Once the form is completed, a Central Electric representative will review the information and be in contact with the individual. We appreciate your assistance in helping us ensure that everyone receives their capital credit benefit.

If your name or the name of a family member who is deceased and you are responsible for their estate is listed in the above "Unclaimed Capital Credits" listing, please fill out the form below and a Central Electric representative will be in contact with you. If you find the names of a friend or family member, please direct them to this page and have them fill out the form below.

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