Industrial and Commercial

Local Office:

Keeping our business office and operations center in close proximity to our customers makes us accessible and responsive.

Line Monitoring:

State-of-the-art technology allows us to know when there is the slightest line interference or voltage fluctuation.  This information is relayed to engineering and service personnel immediately making Central Electric a proactive energy provider.

Competitive Pricing:

Central Electric is quite competitive on large loads, especially those with an above average load factor. We offer economic development options, such as specially-designed rates to meet individual, large commercial, and industrial needs.


An up-to-date system can result in more efficient lighting, lower energy and maintenance costs, compliance with work standards, and higher profits. Through TSE Services, we can provide analysis, design, and turn-key installation of the most efficient, modern lighting systems available.

Motor Services:

Motors consume 75 percent of all energy used in industries. Implementing a good motor policy will increase efficiency and conserve energy. We can provide motor efficiency testing and help make decisions concerning repairing or replacing motors.