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Central Electric has joined other utilities across N.C. to offer a renewable energy alternative called NC GreenPower. NC GreenPower passes contributions to secure either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation. They are dedicated to providing benefits to all 100 North Carolina counties by creating opportunities for renewable energy and carbon offset producers. They work with generators of solar energy, wind power, small-scale hydro power, biomass energy and carbon offsets in all parts of the state to support projects for North Carolina. The program operates upon voluntary participation by members who elect to contribute at least $4 a month on their utility bill to help support a cleaner environment through electricity produced from renewable resources.

None of the utilities participating in the NC GreenPower program keep the funds; all contributions are forwarded by the utilities directly to NC GreenPower for the purchase of renewable energy for the North Carolina electric grid. Contributions are tax-free and qualify as a tax-deductible contribution for income tax purposes.

NC GreenPower only keeps $1 out of every $4 for program operations, though the majority of that portion just covers the cost of operating the program. NC GreenPower has applied for grants to help pay for most marketing expenses. The remaining $3 of all contributions are reserved to assist with education and outreach efforts and to support either renewable energy generation and solar schools grants, or carbon offset mitigation.

And when you contribute to renewable energy, you get the benefits of 125 kWh* of green energy on the grid plus you are helping to install solar PV arrays at NC K-12 schools. Contributions to carbon offsets help mitigate 1,000 lbs of greenhouse gases. *Change from 50 kWh to 125 kWh as of January 1, 2020. Every $4 donation to the renewable energy product will support both green energy projects and our Solar+ Schools grant program.

The NC GreenPower Solar+ Schools grant application opens annually from January 2 – February 28. All K-12 schools in North Carolina are eligible to apply. Please visit their website for more information:

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