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operation roundup

Operation Round Up is a volunteer program in which Central Electric Members can choose to round up their electric bill to the next whole dollar each month, in order to help those in need. The money is used to provide assistance for all kinds of worthy projects in Chatham, Harnett, Moore, Lee and Randolph communities. For example, if your bill is $65.74, Central Electric will round up your bill to $66.00. The extra 26 cents will go into the Central Electric Member Care Trust fund. The average yearly contribution is around $6.00 with the most being $11.88.

Operation Round Up targets non-profit organizations, groups and charities that are currently serving members of Central Electric. The guidelines used for awarding Operation Round Up funds address food, shelter, clothing, education, health care and vital community service needs.

Operation Round Up is similar to Members Care, a donation program Central Electric previously had in place. However, Operation Round Up replaced Members Care to allow Central Electric more opportunities to help those in need around the community - member or non-member.

While Operation Round Up is a voluntary program, the more support received from our members, the more lives will be changed! To participate or learn more, call the Central EMC office at 919-708-1641.

Should you not want to participate fillout the Operation Round Up opt-out form. Once you complete the form either print it out and mail it to our office at 128 Wilson Road Sanford, NC 27332 or email it to us at Gustn@cemcpower.com. You may send it as a PDF attachment or scan and send the printed version.


Applications for 2020 first-quarter grant opportunities must be submitted no later than January 15. Grant recipients will be announced following the Central Electric Member Care Trust Board meeting on February 20.

Operation Round Up is a community development program funded by the voluntary contribution of Central Electric members to the Central Electric Member Care Trust, Inc. Charitable donations are made by the Trust Board to worthy projects in the Central Electric service territory (Chatham, Harnett, Lee, and Moore counties). Organizations, groups and charities in these counties are eligible to apply as long as they meet the specific funding guidelines established by the Member Care Trust Board of Directors. Find out more on whether or not your group is a likely candidate by reviewing the Guidelines for Disbursement of Funds.

Applicants must be established and share information on the following four items: tax exempt status, mission statement, financial statement and use of funds. Unfortunately start-up groups cannot participate. If you know of or work with a group that could benefit from Operation Round Up, fill out the form below. 

to apply for an Operation Round Up grant

Or download the PDF below.

Operation Round Up files:


  1. BonLee School 8th grade class (Chatham) – Funded $3,000 to help offset the costs of a trip to Washington, D.C. for 8th grade students who are financially unable to cover expenses.
  2. Broadway Lions Club (Lee) – Funded $3,000 to provide eye glasses for the vision clinic.
  3. Chatham, Harnett, Lee and Moore County Social Services – Funded $6,000 total to be distributed to less fortunate individuals to assist with power bills.
  4. Gary Taylor Dance (Moore) – Funded $3,000 to provide financial support for Title I schools to attend a performance of the Nutcraker.
  5. Harnett County Partnership for Children (Harnett) – Funded $3,000 for the Baby Step Program to help provide families with basic baby needs.
  6. Lee Christian School (Lee) – Funded $3,000 to purchase three changing tables with steps for the nurseries.
  7. Southern Lee High School Career Center (Lee) – Funded $3,000 to host Career Café, Elective Fair, Job Fair, Mock Interviews, and the Career Mentoring program.
  8. Temple Theatre (Lee) – Funded $3,000 to help present a school touring production designed for young audiences in Lee, Moore and Chatham counties.
  9. Western Harnett-Overhills Area PTO Thrift Store, Inc. (Harnett) – Funded $2,908.42 to upgrade to efficient and advanced cash registers to help keep track of the daily business.

Past Recipients: